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For those of you who are looking to sell collections.
whether you are selling sports cards, comic books,
Magic cards. I have some buying guidelines.


I buy sport card collections from the mid 1970's to date
by the pound. From the mid to late 1970's up to now,
sport card manufacturers had a huge increase in product line
and huge numbers printed for most sets.
The time involved for me to sort through thousands of
cards just to find a few that might have some value,
is not worth my time, so be aware I only pay $1.00 per pound.
And I am not really interested in single cards, just collections.
Older cards I will be interested in and am willing to pay
20% of Beckett for name players.


Like sports cards, comic book printings started
to go through the roof in the early 1970's.
For those of you who have gone to comic book shows,
it is amazing what you can pick up at shows for 25 to 50 cents each.
So, that being said, I do buy comic collections.
I only pay 20 cents each for comics from the 1970's to date
regardless of what the Overstreets or Wizard price guides say.
Because ultimatly 90% of what I do buy for collections
will wind up in my 50 cent boxes.
The remaining books that have some value make it worth my
time to pick and sort through that many books.
The last show I went to I picked up 3 copies of the
Death of Superman still sealed in the black bag for 50 cents each.


Please don't bring your collections in here to have me
tell what your stuff is worth. What you are asking for is an appraisel.
I will do appraisels, but I charge $30.00 per hour.
1/2 hour minimum fee even for 1 item, that is $15.00
An appraisel will let you know what an item is worth,
not what I am willing to pay you.


If you have action figures you wish to sell,
I am only interested in figures in the origonal
boxes or blister packs. Figures not in the packages
are generally only about 10% of the full book value
and I would not be interested in buying any.
Star Wars and Star Trek figures are mostly
what I am interested in.


I am NOT buying any Yu-Gi-OH or Pokemon cards.

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Created & Published by: my buddy Patrick Smith April 24, 1998
Maintained and Updated by Charlie Ramsdell January 5th 2008