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And of course I do sell comic books.
Every Wednesday is new comic book day. My shipment arrives between 1:00 and 3:00
Please keep in mind that holidays will put shipment day off by 1 day.
I do pull lists, so please send your lists and I will pull your comics.
If you wish to stop in and buy, I do stock new comics for the last 3 months
on the shelves. I carry a large selection of Trade Paperbacks and
graphic Novels from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse.
I can do special orders on Trades and new comics I sell out of early,
I can't guarantee that it will be available or will be
a first printing. I also have a good selection of back issues,
and manga books, so please send me your want lists.

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Created & Published by: my buddy Patrick Smith April 24, 1998
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