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Morningtide Release Tournament
will be held at 12:01 P.M. February 2nd.
This will be a sealed event which will be $25.00.
You will receive 5 packs of Morningtide boosters,
which you will make a deck from. Prizes will be packs,
amount of packs awarded as prizes will depend on player turnout.
Other events can be arranged depending on player interest.


Every Friday Night we host Friday Night Magic Games.
Starting on Febuary 1st we will draft Morning tide.
All FNM events start at 6:30 P.M.


Every Friday Night we run Friday Night Magic
MTG DCI Sanctioned Tournaments.
FNM will be LORWYN,
FNM Booster Draft is $9.00, standard is $3.00, and.
sealed will be $15.00
Decembers prize cards are Foil "FORCE SPIKE".
Awarded to 1st and 2nd place, the remaining 2 will
be awarded ramdomly.
Friday Night Magic format generally will be booster draft,
on occasion we will do sealed or constructed.
If you wish to play FNM, please try and be here by 6:30 P.M.

We have room to do casual Magic for those
gamers who wish not to do organized events. Casual MTG games
are run as regular Type 1 play, but we do have some house rules
and restrictions and bannings on certain cards, these restrictions
and bannings change according to whats new and what can be abused,
so if you choose to come, we have house rules posted.
We also play on Saturday nights
MTG Casual AND Warhammer.

If you play Warhammer, we are now meeting every Saturday
and Wednesday Nights.
So bring your armies and prepare for battle.
We now have 8 players who are playing Warhammer here.


Yes, we will be hosting Halo 3 LAN parties when HALO 3
is released. Unfortunatly I am raising the price of the
HALO 3 gaming.
The all day rate will be $5.00
and the hourly rate will be $2.00.

We also have two Playstation 2 stations set up to play
Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero.
Rates are $2.00 per half hour or $3.50 per hour.

Anyone interested in starting any kind of Role Playing campaign,
such as vampire, White Wolf or Dungeons and Dragons, you are more
thank welcome to post your campaigns on my bulletin board
and run them here in my store if you are interested.

And just a note, bad language, inappropriate name calling,
alcohol, drugs, fighting will not be tolerated.
I want this place to be an enjoyable and fun place for all,
everyone is invited, I don't want anyone who plays
here to feel unwelcome. Thanks

Saturday July 14th 2007 largest turnout for
any Sanctioned Event, 10th Edition World Wide Magic Day
31 People

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Created & Published by: my buddy Patrick Smith April 24, 1998
Maintained and Updated by Charlie Ramsdell July 7th 2005