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We buy and sell used videogames and systems,
both recent and classic;
Playstation 2
X-BOX 360
Nintendo System-with New 72 Pin Connector
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Game Cube
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy SP

I will only buy game systems with all the connectors
such as; RF-A/V Cables, Power Cables or adapters.
and at least 1 controller. All Systems will be checked
to make sure they do work.
All games and systems I sell are pre-tested
and guarenteed to work properly.

We also sell a variety of accessories, new and used.
I don't have a current list, because games are being bought & sold
on a daily basis, but please don't hesitate to inquire.

I also sell control pads for a variety different systems
both new and used along with power supplies, A/V cables
memory expansions, memory cards, rumble packs and rechargers.

All used games, accessories and systems have a
7 day warrenty.

If you have an old NES system that does that flashing thing,
in most cases, all that is wrong with it is a bad 72 PIN connector.
If that is all that is wrong with your system, I can replace
that worn out pin connector for $20.00 so it will work like new.

Comes with 2 Nintendo Controllers, 1 A/V Cable and Power Supply

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Created & Published by: Patrick Smith April 24, 1998
Maintained and Updated by Charlie Ramsdell January 23th 2010